At Fleur Candles we only use the highest quality fragrances in all our candles. Each scent is carefully chosen and tested with our wax for the ultimate compatibility and high scent throw. This ensures your candle fills the space evenly, releasing each note in the fragrance as the hours pass by.

 Core Fragrances

Watermelon Lemonade
Reminiscent of long summer days by the pool, this scent smells like refreshing watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed lemons.  

Champagne & Strawberry
A seductive blend of effervescent Champagne with a delicious combination of strawberry, roses and raspberries.

Clean Cotton
Nostalgic scent of crisp, sun dried laundry softener.
Coconut Lime 
The ultimate tropical fragrance. Quenches your thirst for wanderlust & transports you to sunny beaches and cocktails.
Sheer Lily & White Rose
A sensual blend of feminine florals.. white rose & sheer lily intertwined to perfection. This isn't your usual grandma type rose scent.
Vanilla Caramel
Delicious blend of sweet buttery caramel, enriched with creamy vanilla bean.