About us

At Fleur Candles, we pride ourself on providing luxurious candles that fill your space with your signature scent. Our core Luxe collection boasts a generous 300g candle that burns for 40+ hours.

Specialising in personalised candles, we only use the highest quality permanent vinyl to customise your candle which ensures it can be cleaned & reused as a gorgeous keepsake forever!

All Fleur Candles are made with a sustainable superior coconut-soy blend wax.

All candles are hand poured in our humble candle workshop in Punchbowl, Sydney. Our wax enables our candles to have a beautiful, deep and clean burn pool which has excellent scent propulsion.
Our candles are guaranteed to have a gorgeous, creamy soy appearance which resists shrinkage and frosting in all climates - resulting in a great looking finished candle, even after burning!
We source our candle wicks from our wax supplier which ensures the highest compatibility and smooth burn. All candle wicks used in our candles are 100% cotton. Lead free. Zinc free. Copper free.